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Our Story


September 9, 2022:

Amperry's first rental in Padua


January 2023:

Reached 100,000 rental hours

June 2023:

Expanded to 50 new locations

December 2023:

Achieved 1,3 million rental hours


March 2024:

Launched loyalty and subscription models

July 2024:

Reached 3 million rental hours

December 2024:

Goal of 6.5 million rental hours


We plan to expand 200 new locations globally and to create new eco-friendly power bank models. Plus we want to  achieve10 million rental hours.


We plan to expand 200 new locations globally and to create new eco-friendly power bank models. Plus we want to  achieve10 million rental hours.

Insights for Amperry Partners

  • 22%

    of people go to a bar or restaurant to charge their gadget and place an order.

  • 33%

    skip physical activity if their battery dies.

  • 76%

    of people use their smartphone between 5 to 7 hours per day.

  • 9 out of 10

    smartphone users are afraid that their battery will run out.

  • 86%

    of people charge their smartphone 1 to 3 times per day.

  • 4-5

    The average family has at least 4-5 electronic devices with different connectors.

Why Amperry?

  • Enhance

    Solve the common problem of low battery on the go, ensuring your guests can stay connected and satisfied.

  • Sustainability

    Choose our rental solution to help reduce electronic waste and promote sustainable practices.

  • Brand Loyalty

    Encourage guests to return in the future by providing a convenient and reliable charging solution.

  • Turnkey service

    Enjoy hassle-free setup with our turnkey service—just turn on the station, and we take care of the rest, including 24/7 assistance.

B2B opportunities

  • Ski resorts

  • Beachfront & Seaside

  • Events, Exhibitions & Festivals

  • Hotels & Accommodations

  • Bars & Restaurants

  • Airports & Transport Hubs

  • Corporate Offices

  • Educational & Public Places

  • Shopping Centers & Malls



Active users

Amperry is trusted by thousands of users and satisfied with the service

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Models & Prices

Amperry station 6

Amperry station

Do you have limited space but want to offer power bank rental service to your customers? Amperry station is the right solution for you.


Size (cm) 24x14.3x14.5
Weight (kg) 1.4
Supply 220v
Customization YES
Station connection SIM 4G
Energy consumption < 15€ (year)
Amperry station+ 6

Amperry station+

Do you want to use promotional videos and photos of your business? With Amperry Station you can take full advantage of your advertising space


Size (cm) 41x21x170
Weight (kg) 35
Supply 220v
Customization YES
Station connection SIM 4G
HD digital screen YES
Energy consumption < 50€ (year)
Amperry Totem 30

Amperry Totem

Suitable for spaces with high attendance that can provide a perfect advertising solution.

Custom Colours

It all starts with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more.

What do partners say


Amperry offers a daily power bank rental service, enabling users to charge their devices anytime, anywhere. Amperry stations are strategically located throughout the city, providing convenience and accessibility for users.
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Sostenibile Unipd

Amperry is implementing a pilot project for students and faculty, offering power bank rentals on campus. This solution aims to improve the convenience and accessibility of device charging in educational institutions.
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Confcommercio Verona

Amperry provides a unique solution for smartphone charging, highly appreciated at the conference. This service helps reduce stress from low battery anxiety and increases customer satisfaction.
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Jesolo beaches have introduced a new Amperry service for device charging. This innovative solution allows tourists to enjoy their stay without worrying about their gadgets' battery life.
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Castello Dal Pozzo

Castello Dal Pozzo hotel at Lake Maggiore now offers Amperry power bank rental service. This ensures guests have convenience and comfort during their stay.
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La Piazza Web

Jesolo beaches have implemented the Amperry power bank rental service, providing tourists the ability to stay connected and share their experiences.
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Smartphone charging stations from the startup Tomorrow Tech, company Amperry, help overcome low battery anxiety. This innovative charging approach has gained recognition in the market.
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Amperry is a daily power bank rental service that allows you to charge your devices anytime and anywhere with our convenient charging stations.
To rent a power bank, simply visit one of our Amperry stations, follow the on-screen instructions, and you can start charging your device immediately.
No, you do not need to download an app. Our service is designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible, allowing you to rent a power bank without any additional software.
The cost of renting a power bank varies by location. Please check the pricing information at the specific Amperry station you are using.
Amperry stations are located in various high-traffic areas such as airports, shopping malls, restaurants, and more. You can find the nearest station using our website.
You can keep the power bank for as long as you need. Rental fees are charged on a daily basis.
If you experience any issues with the power bank, please return it to the nearest Amperry station and contact our support team for assistance.
Rental fees are charged daily, so if you return the power bank late, you will be charged for the additional days.
To return the power bank, simply insert it into any available slot at an Amperry station. The system will automatically register the return and stop charging your account.
Amperry power banks are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics.

Francesco Vezzani

Francesco Vezzani, co-founder of Amperry, holds a degree in Mechatronic Engineering. Leads the software ecosystem development and partially contributes to hardware development. At Amperry, I focus on making innovative technologies accessible and useful in daily life, enhancing user experience and well-being.

I firmly believe that innovation should serve people, simplifying their activities and enhancing their well-being.
Francesco Vezzani

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